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The Medical Oncology Service at the Canberra Region Cancer Centre specialises in using medicines to treat people who have been diagnosed with cancer.

About this service

You may see a Medical Oncologist for cancer treatment, such as:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy

Cancer drugs are designed to:

  • Stop, slow down or control your cancer
  • Minimize the effects of cancer
  • Control symptoms of cancer, such as pain, fatigue, bladder and bowel changes
  • Address any cancer treatment side effects and complications
  • Often people with cancer will have a combination of treatments depending on their diagnosis.

Your cancer treatment may also include other specialty areas such as surgery or radiation therapy.

Who we care for

Anyone can access our service with a referral from a GP or other specialist.

Our services are bulk billed if you have a Medicare Card or an Asylum Seeker Card.

Current and former defence members and DVA card holders can also access our service.

How to access this service

Your GP or specialist will send a referral to Medical Oncology on your behalf. This will include all results from previous medical tests relevant to your cancer diagnosis.

Your referral and results will be assessed by the specialist who will decide when you need to be seen.

Our admin team will call or email you with details of your appointment.

If you have further questions regarding your referral, please call us on (02) 5124 8444.

What to expect

There is a high demand for our service, and we will ensure all referrals are actioned according to urgency. This is determined by the specialist.

You will receive a phone call to confirm your appointment time, location and what you need to bring.

We have more information about what to expect before, during and after cancer treatment.

What to bring to your appointment

  • Medicare card
  • Any letters or correspondence from your GP
  • Medicines you need to take while you are here
  • List of medicines you are currently taking (or the boxes), including medicines you have bought without a prescription, such as herbal supplements and vitamins
  • Previous x-ray films, scans, ultrasounds or any other test results or reports

Where we’re located

Medical Oncology is in Building 19, Level 2 in the Canberra Region Cancer Centre, which is between the multi storey car park and the main hospital building.

  • If you have an appointment with your oncologist, please go to Level 2 and check in at the reception desk.
  • If you have an appointment for treatment, such as chemotherapy, please go to Level 4 and check in at the reception desk.
  • If you are a current patient of Medical Oncology and require pathology collection, there is an ACT Pathology collection centre located on Level 2.

We have directions to the Canberra Region Cancer Centre and Canberra Hospital.

Information for referrers

Please see Community HealthPathways for detailed referral criteria and information.

Referral options:

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In the case of a life threatening emergency, dial Triple Zero (000).

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Contact Canberra Health Services

(02) 5124 0000

The switchboard handles all calls to, from and within the hospital 24 hours/seven days a week

International callers
+61 (2) 5124 0000